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Question Ketone Bar

Just wondering if anyone has tried these bars:

Ketone Bar - Chocolate Caramel Flavour

I'm wary of a lot of the products out there claiming to be keto, but these - according to the manufacturer - have been "designed from the ground up to be both ketogenic and to boost ketones. It is a high fat, low carb, moderate protein keto snack which contains Pure C8 MCT oil."

The customer reviews seem pretty good and the ingredients don't appear to have anything too worrisome in them:

Pure Cocoa Mass, Natural Sweetener (Erythritol), Cashew Butter, Pure C8 MCT Powder (Caprylic Acid Triglycerides, Acacia Fiber), Natural Sweetener (Xylitol), Chicory Root Fiber, Pure C8 MCT Oil (Caprylic Acid Triglycerides), Egg White Powder, Himalayan Salt, Sunflower Lecithin and Natural Flavorings.

Not looking for opinions telling me that "they're not 'real' food" because I'm well aware of what they are. Just interested to know if anyone here has tried them/heard of them/likes them.
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