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And, finally, it's ready to be mailed. It was fairly simple, except for remembering to not swallow and spit into a tube instead. Everything else was easy.

UNBOXING PART (it's a Youtube thing. From the youth.)

It comes in a shrink-wrapped box about the size of a trade paperback. There's a tube with a cap that you only close when you are doing spitting in it. Hey, better than a blood draw. Ya'll been warned.

But once this is completed, we swing-cap it to release a fixing solution, swap caps, and seal the tube back in the packaging. Ready to mail!

I had to wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything, then wait while I hit the right level. If I forgot and swallowed, it took longer, of course. I used this time to log into the website with the special number on my testing vial. Then we create an account and make all kinds of decisions, but most of them can be changed as we go along.

The kit came with ancestry and some basic health DNA considerations. I took the deal of $100 for the full health report based on me, then $29 for a year of access to their health library. Clues to Mr WereBear and I's recovery was a major impetus to investing in this option, when the starter kit was already more expensive than competitors. But 23andme's health connections was worth it.

So is their privacy rating, which is also better than their competitors. Now, it is up to you in your turn, but I agreed to anonymizing my DNA profile for research. There's different ways this works but you have time to look things up before you commit.

And if the reason you are trying this does not include these deeper dives at additional expense, another company might have more of what you would like to know.

It takes 4-6 weeks and now add in the US Mail being very slow at the moment... it will be flat out suspense for all of us
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