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Originally Posted by izzyfit
Hello Nameste, I am new to this forum. I have done SBD before and I know it works best for me. This past year I have let myself go and it is time to get back on track. I am starting from the beginning. I will be following the original plan so no pre-pack food for me.

My official starting date will be Monday June 25th (i need to go grocery shop) I will do my best to post my meals here if that is ok with you.

Hello Izzy

Totally fine with me, I look forward to hearing about what you are eating! The old plan is a great plan. I find it hard to believe the plan has turned towards prepackaged food. I guess they are OK for emergencies or when youíve little time but I thought the whole principal behind SBD was fresh and healthy food?! Iím in the UK, we donít have the meals here so I wonít be trying any.

Iím really enjoying my food so far. Yesterday, I made a herby Bolognese style dish with turkey mince, lots of fresh rosemary and thyme... itís honestly so good I donít feel like Iím dieting and thatís key for me. Iíll probably have it for lunch again today. Dinner might be a lean beef stir fry or thereís a Gorden Ramsay fish cake recipe I want to try.
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