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Originally Posted by teaser
I don't have any problem with the idea that a fair number of people have trouble with milk, and certainly avoiding coffee is a good idea for some people. But I don't think the doctor you talked to is right about mixing milk and coffee. The same burden of proof that would be on you to justify the claim just goes to the doctor now--appeal to authority just doesn't work.

I really don't want to be argumentative. But I've seen other unjustified claims--low carb bad for kidneys, bad for bones, causes hypothyroid, leaves people with a glycoprotein deficiency that leads to digestive tract cancers--getting people worried about the wrong things, unsubstantiated claims can really throw people off to the point where they just don't know where to safely turn. I can find any number of doctors who'll say meat kills, with no justification--so a doctor saying something just isn't justification.

That came from 3 different sources and the 1st one mentionned it in the 1980's...

But I have written posts that are more in line with the title, as I am part of the people who are nearly zero carbs and eating mostly carnivore!

My adding about coffee was accessory. It can be helpful for some people to see the difference between consuming milk and coffee separated or together, just in case they are part of the people who have problems with the 2 together. It is part of what can be checked on a personal basis.

The real point about coffee, is how it goes with a carnivore diet. And why.
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