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Originally Posted by PilotGal
now, this is interesting to me, in that I have gone days without coffee for no reason and never experience headaches or withdrawal..
figured the coffee wasn't totally real... figured they added something without our knowledge.. but it could very well be the KETO lifestyle that discontinues the agony of withdrawal..

how very interesting..
thanks for posting this.

I couldn't edit my post, but i wanted to add that I drink 2 pots of coffee a day...
1 pot in the morning, 1 pot through the afternoon.

when i miss a few days, i get no withdrawal.. and I drink a dark roast coffee.. nice and rich.... but weird as it is, i do not get any headaches..

i do remember trying to quit in 1980 and the withdrawal was so bad, I couldn't stand up straight. it was so painful.. that's why I think coffee nowadays isn't completely coffee.. I think they add something to it to fill the contents without losing money. some kind of additive.. it could be chicory. it could be dirt, for all we know.
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