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Originally Posted by DaisyDawn
I've also had this experience-my caffeine intake used to be quite a bit higher (4+ cans of diet coke plus 3 cups of coffee every day). If I missed one of my regular doses I'd get horrible headaches, but since going HFLC I've completely cut out the diet soda and drink anywhere from 1-3 cups of coffee a day, without any headaches at all. Coffee/caffeine has become something I drink because I enjoy (especially in the morning instead of eating), but I don't rely on it anymore and I don't notice any physical changes if I don't have it.

Likewise. Coffee on Keto is like a whole different beast.

I came from SAD baseline of 300 to a new lowcarb baseline of 50, to get down to my goal of a size ten US women's pants. My carbs would dip into the 20s more and more as I got closer to goal, but now my average would be in the forties: I thought I had found my maintenance spot.

However, dropping 20 carbs from that new low, and making it my new high: the difference was just as dramatic. And I'm now a size 8.
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