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Hi, I'm going to dive in here. This is my first time and this territory is the most familiar I have found. I have been most greatly reassured and motivated by Steffanson. I am almost 67 and have had blood sugar irregularities, known since I was 28. After a good deal of experimentation with various low-carb regimens and not much good luck, I've gone to a diet that is primarily high-quality (as in grass-fed or the most wholesome I can find) meats, fish, eggs. I have a few other things, but it seems to be absolutely necessary to keep my calories in check as well as carbs. When I indulge in carbs, the desire to eat more inevitably follows. The only other thing I might add is that I had a round of X-ray when I was about 12, ostensibly to keep my tonsils and adenoids from growing back after surgery. I have heard that radiation to this part of the body could cause problems with the pituitary, then to the production of insulin. I am wondering if anyone know more than I about adverse conditions which have resulted from that particular radiation protocol and if it is one reason why I have such difficulty losing weight?
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