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Default This has been a crazy week!

I haven't done what I am counting as exercise, so today I need to do an hour and tomorrow too, to make my 2 hours a week challenge goal.
**update...looking at pics on my phone I realized I did take a 30 min walk here at house 1 last Sunday...will post them later.
**update - editing Apr 17...this is for a walk I took Thurs Apr 11 at house 2. I think it was only 20 min. Just trying to insert these in the right time frame...
Snowball bush!
Dutch Iris...pretty...I was told this was the first time they bloomed since planted a few years ago...
California poppies, aka, Field or Corn Poppies - they grow all over like weeds here...
Thistles down the path out in the field...
And my favorite flower...beautiful roses...
I had some pics not turn out...two were deer I frightened while I was trudging thru the front yard bushes trying to photograph some flowering branches....I had been out looking at the beauty - saw those, went and got my cell (and decided to go ahead and walk) - not two minutes passed when I went back and two young bucks leaped out of that area and left. I went out back to try to catch them - I did but the pics were too far away/blurry.
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