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Couple of questions about your recipe:
Originally Posted by Tonymoo
I created this loaf of bread which rose well, turned out really good and tastes great.


1 1/4 cups (300ml) blood warm water
What temperature would that be?

Originally Posted by Tonymoo
Put loaf in a warm place to rise for an hour - I usually warm up the oven a bit and leave it there.
Like 200 degrees?
Originally Posted by Tonymoo
After an hour turn oven on highest setting.
Looking for temperature again.
Originally Posted by Tonymoo
Turn after 15 mins. After another 15 mins carefully remove from tin and put loaf back in oven on rack to crisp up on outside.
Do you mean rotate in the oven? When you remove it from the pan and put back in oven is it for the same temp.?

Thanks, will try this after clarifications.
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