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My story is a little different, I was talking to a skinny on-line colleague who's been on Atkins for 7 years, I was shocked, told her how dangerous it was! I mentioned a story that had been on the news the night before about how the celebs doing Atkins had probably only lost the weight by living off fish and seafood, we promptly entered into a bet, the winner would do a days work for the loser. Off I went to the Atkins website and spent 3 days researching the plan, decided to stick religiously to Induction eating lots of steak and fats I was convinced I'd weigh more at the end of 2 weeks eating like this, on day 4 I started feeling great, I thought that after Induction when I hadn't lost any weight I'd stick to this WOE but cut the fat, can you imagine how thrilled I was when after that 2 weeks I was down 19 pounds lol
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