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Originally Posted by Molly B
Hi everyone, after many years, I am back here too. Today is Day 2. I posted my story in the other thread, the introduce yourself thread. I've got 100 lbs to lose.... more would be nice too. I'm 271. Feeling inspired, motivated. I bought myself a smart watch--the Fitbit Versa 2--to help me out. I love it.

Breakfast was some steak, 2 fried eggs, fresh broccoli, one onion.... lunch was a string cheese snack. I've already drank my 64oz of water for the day. Already hungry again. I have an avocado, I think I'll make some avo salad with it, and have some leftover baked chicken breasts, some cauliflower.....

This is difficult, because I have to cook separately for my husband, who hates cheese, and meat, and most of the things I love. It's going to be torture to fry him up some fish and serve a baked potato with it, when I can't have any.... I remember how hard it was from the past. But I did it then-- 69 lbs in six months! I can do it again. We ALL can!

Hi molly!! Welcome back!!! Just telling fiancee I need to get my fitbit out. It kept me motivated. Starting day one phase one today. This morning had premier protein shake and a v8. Lunch was tuna light mayo with diced bell peppers, onion and celery over cucumber slices. Snack will be nonfat Greek yogurt with Splenda and almond extract. Not sure about dinner tonight. Will post that later
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