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Originally Posted by Merpig
That's one of my life's biggest pleasures too! I start almost every morning drinking my decaf or tea out on my back porch, watching my birds at the feeders. Since I'm in Florida I definitely have different birds, but I love my cardinals, bluebirds, blue jays, chickadees, titmice, house finches, mourning doves, woodpeckers - those are mostly my regulars, but I get seasonal birds too like hummingbirds in the summer and red-winded blackbirds in the winter, but occasional migrants passing through in the spring and autumn. Plus I live on a pond so I also get herons, egrets, ospreys, ducks, kingfishers. All good for my soul

I keep records of what I see and I've seen over 100 different species in my yard.

I love hearing about other people looking after the local wildlife - wherever they are. Gives me a renewed faith in the human race! My other half would go nuts if we had hummingbirds round these parts; he loves how inexorably effortless and graceful they make their precise hovering and positioning look, when it's almost going against the laws of physics! (almost...not quite, lol.)

It doesn't matter what birds one has in their locale. Once you start to notice them and pay attention to them, you start to notice them around you more and more. And they all have some gorgeously idiosyncratic little ways about them - traits that both pertain the breed and the individual bird's personal characteristics. I find myself noticing birdsong and chattering everywhere I go now. I pay attention to the out-of-focus flickering that appears in the corner of my eye from time to time...realising it's probably one of those smaller kinds who move so quickly, that in real time it appears to the human eye, that they're moving in a kind of stop-still frame rate.

I still find myself looking at the very small breeds and wondering how something can be so tiny and yet so perfectly formed in all its's amazing. I'm in no way religious and have no belief in a god, but when I look at a teeny, tiny, bird like that, I can understand why other people do.
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