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hi J,

Alas .. the carb count for plain whey powder is high, so that fitday count would be correct.

Whey is the liquid that separates out from milk solids during the cheese-making process. Whey also separates out from the fat during butter-making. This liquid contains a small amount of protein, traces of fat and most of the lactose sugar that's found in liquid milk and cream.

Isolated whey protein powders are made from whey that's been filtered and processed to remove water, lactose and any impurities. It usually has a protein content of 90% or more. That's why it's so much more expensive than plain whey powder.

Plain powdered whey is often used in baking, especially bread. Yeasts love the lactose and it gives a lighter product than skim milk powder. So .. if you have a friend who does a lot of baking, they'll probably find a good use for it

You need to look for a product that says specifically that it's isolated protein, which will have only small amount of carbohydrate and fat in it, and at least 90% protein content.


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