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Hi...I thought I'd add some thoughts and perhaps a dose of possibly unwanted realism. I've done Atkins SOOOO many times over the last 12 years, usually with good success but never reaching my ultimate goal. I would always do Atkins induction strictly at first, but soon got looser with little cheats here and there, and my weight loss would go up and down a lot (little bits, but never a straight line down). I got down to the low 140s and stayed there for a year with careful, mostly Atkins type eating, but it all went to heck about 13 months ago, and it was up up up again over that year until mid June when I finally said enough is enough, I have to address this yet again and get my eating under control.

I'm now at the end of 5 weeks of induction, this is day 35. I have NEVER done Atkins this perfectly before: Not a smidgen of sugar, nothing at all not on Atkins induction, carbs have been consistently 10 or fewer, calories have been mostly under 1,000 just because how I'm eating makes it end up that way. I've had spurts of good exercise along with the perfect diet. I've also done a 24-hour fast once each week. I expected faster weight loss, to be honest.

RESULT: I've lost 7 pounds in 5 weeks/35 days, and the weight loss has been excruciatingly low (a bit fast at first, which is typical, then slow as a turtle). I tend to "hang" around a particular weight for days and days before finally dropping down to the next lower pound. This has occasionally been frustrating, maddening, but I'm not allowing it to be discouraging. This appears to be how it is losing weight, and perhaps this is more the case when you have less to lose to reach your goal weight. My weight goal was/is 15 to 20 pounds. That elusive "last" 20 pounds. So yes, perhaps that is slower at that point. The only PUZZLING thing is that I've been at this point before (with 15-20 lbs to lose), and it has never been so slow despite the fact that I'm doing Atkins better than I've ever done it. So perhaps being so rigid with Atkins doesn't help after all??

All I can say is that you just have to be consistent and stick with it, which I'm motivated to do. I do think I'll reach my goal, but only time will tell when. I can't really predict it at all because of how long I seem to stay at each pound before losing more. There is zero fast loss any more, that seems clear.

I've had to temper expectations of weight loss speed over the years, and especially now. Here's my list of weights to show how sloooowwww it can be even when you do everything right.

On a more POSITIVE note, this 7 pounds loss has made a substantial difference in how my clothes fit, and how I look. It's clear I've lost weight. I can get into pants and tops I couldn't comfortably wear 7 pounds ago. So that's the GOOD.

Weight Tracking:

Week 1

06-17-19 155
06-18-19 152.2 ↓
06-19-19 151.0 ↓
06-20-19 150.8 ↓
06-21-19 151.0
06-22-19 151.0
06-23-19 151.2

Week 2

06-24-19 150.6 ↓
06-25-19 151.2
06-26-19 150.0 ↓
06-27-19 150.2
06-28-19 150.0
06-29-19 150.6
06-30-10 149.4 ↓ Down 5.6 pounds in 2 weeks

Week 3

07-01-19 149.4
07-02-19 150.2
07-03-19 149.2 ↓
07-04-19 149.2
07-05-19 150.6
07-06-19 151.6
07-07-19 151.2

Week 4

07-08-19 151.2
07-09-19 150
07-10-19 150
07-11-19 149.2
07-12-19 148.8 ↓
07-13-19 148.4 ↓
07-14-19 148.2 ↓

Week 5

07-15-19 148.4
07-16-19 149
07-17-19 148.4
07-18-19 147.8 ↓
07-19-19 148.4
07-20-19 148
07-21-19 147.8
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