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Default I'm indian too! I live in Australia

Hi there,

Really nice to hear some other indian on the forum. Although I dont live in India I have at some stage faced problems trying to adapt indian food to LC WOL. I'm ok if its just me and hubby at home, but when the parents come to visit and mum cooks, then the problems start! I substitute shirotake noodles for rice (may be difficult to get hold of in India) and it means I can have some gravy. We use less tomatoes in the curries and add in coconut cream etc to increase fat and reduce carbs.

Have been at an all time low on the LC WOE, have had a change of jobs etc and have succumbed to temptation. Thinking of going back on induction at the weekend, easier at the weekend as dont have to plan for work etc. Take care and good to hear from you.
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