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This is what he wrote back - when asking about ALT and AST regarding Niacin and I also asked him what her did for a living....

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Posted: 2/17/2010 2:15:03 AM



AST ALT are liver enzymes. From the chart in the link above on slo-niacin you see the alt ast goe up with higher dosage.
Doctors follow that every 3 months or so when you do niacin to see if everything is ok. If one of those are too high thedoc
will also test another different liver indicator to see if damage to liver has begun.

My background is Computers, Physics and Science. I data crunch a lot. Information that is. That was before.
Now my only computer is a Sony Laptop and HP Laptop with not much data on the hard drive. I seem to have extensive knowledge in some Cancers and CAD, CVD. Its the Bunny.

I do not know how long my time here will be. The Bunny knows where I should be or go. It brought me here from another
place that vitally needed Health Information. Very, very extensive information. I don't question the Bunny.
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