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I am trying not to get bogged down over there. Nancy, can I help you join?? I'll do it right now!!! I wish I had you to respond. He likes talking to me the most. I am getting more and more confused too!!

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Posted: 2/16/2010 12:32:28 AM


LDL1 Pattern A 29.0
LDL2 Pattern A 4.1
LDL3 Pattern B 72.6 13- 15 lower is better
LDL4 Pattern B 40

You hubby has 72.6 + 40 = 112.6 mg/dl small very dangerous LDLs

You hubby has 29 + 4.1 = 33.1 mg/dl fluffy LDLs, also dangerous especially if apob is very high like 144.

112.6 / 112.6+ 33.1 is 77% small dangerous small sized LDL. This your husband have.


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Posted: 2/16/2010 12:48:15 AM


Hubby TG / HDL = 191 / 33 = 5.79

On the male graph 5.79 means 9% chance of being LDL pheno type A or large LDL dominate
42% chance of being LDL phenotype B small LDLs

or 49% chance of being either way. As it came out on VAP "LDL Density pattern B"

How you get rid of this crappy LDL see TG/ HDL. Make the HDL go up higher. Make the TG go down lower.
Niacin is really powerful for this. Fish oil can lower TG. If you are the right ApoE. Loose weight helps a lot.
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