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I've got another month of activity tracked and logged. I'm happy to finally get consistent with getting my 10K steps everyday. I'm eating better and that always seems to go hand-in-hand with my motivation to get my walks in each day.

I'm also pleased with my weight lifting progress. The sore shoulder from a few months ago has healed up, so I'm moving up in weight. I'm now doing 3 sets of 175 pounds on the free weight bench press. That is significantly more that I could do 10 months ago when I first started being consistent with upper body weight training 2+ times per week. I have Kelsey to thank for this. She has become quite the 'gym rat'. She loves pumping iron. Weight lifting is not my favorite thing. I'd rather just walk. But Kel has motivated and pushed me to get stronger. It's working.

I've hung up my jogging shoes for the time being. I have some weight to lose and jogging tends to make me more hungry. I think it is actually counter-productive for me when I'm trying to lose weight. More and longer walks will be the trade-off. I enjoy walking more anyway.
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