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Originally Posted by Calianna
It can be done, but it'll likely take decades.

Exhibit 1:

The propaganda claiming that fat makes you fat, along with the dangers of cholesterol and saturated fat started 40ish years ago, and now nearly everyone is so firmly in the low fat/fat free/cholesterol free/low saturated fat camp that the stores are full of products proclaiming how good they are for you because they're low fat, fat free, cholesterol free, and heart healthy.

Of course it only took this long to turn so many to the fat free side because the food manufacturers were taking advantage of it, educating the public as part of pushing to sell more grains and manufactured products that met the fat phobic criteria.

But education that ends up promoting products that contain less sugar? Unless there's some serious profit incentive involved in selling unsweetened, and sweetener-free products, or they come up with a universal substitute that satisfies the enhanced sweet tooth brought about by the substitution of sugar for the fat missing in most of the foods out there these days, the manufacturer sponsored education is going to be slowed considerably.

All excellent points and valid concerns. Due to the fact that we have little agreement about what foods constitute a healthy way of eating, it's got to happen at the grass roots level where people experience a significant improvement in health due to their WOE. Also, there are those who support a certain WOE due to ethical positions for reasons beyond health. It's started to happen, but agreement will be hard to come by and will certainly take some time.
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