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Originally Posted by Calianna
But education that ends up promoting products that contain less sugar? Unless there's some serious profit incentive involved in selling unsweetened, and sweetener-free products, or they come up with a universal substitute that satisfies the enhanced sweet tooth brought about by the substitution of sugar for the fat missing in most of the foods out there these days, the manufacturer sponsored education is going to be slowed considerably.

This is the main problem with capitalism. Unless there is a profit motive, nothing much gets done. (Of course communism is worse because with no profit motive, even less gets done).

But taxes won't work, making it illegal won't work, so what else do we have?

Some things are sweetened with Stevia, which seems OK, but sugar is not only cheaper, but subsidized by the US Government (a few years ago I read in the Palm Beach Post that the US gives Florida sugar growers $4 billion/year).

Cheaper ingredients = more profits. That's one reason why maltodextrin is in almost every frankenfood.

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