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Talking A new low.

I've been working hard.... Keeping my food right, fasting, and I've begun hitting the gym "for real"... all in an effort to impress my doc when I have my blood-levels checked again.

Yesterday, despite a morning workout (exercise short-term raises my BG), I didn't go higher than 126.

This morning, my waking BG was 76 -- a new low.

A couple months back, my waking BG was the highest of the day, and ALWAYS over 100. For the past couple weeks, it's been below 100 -- first in the 90s, then in the 80s. And now, mid-70s.

I'm also at a new low, weight-wise, but I'm less concerned about that. (I've had a couple days in a row of serious gym-time, and I'm just BEGINNING that routine... Which means the scale isn't going to be reliable for a while. Sore muscles = water retention. I weigh to keep the habit, and keep accountability.)

Do you think, just maybe, my fatty liver is beginning to be a little less fatty, and I may be getting some of this nonsense under control?

(My goal is to have a body that doesn't LOOK like diabetes on two legs, and have my BG levels flat enough that I don't have to test more than occasionally. It'll take me a while to get there, I know, but all progress is encouraging.)
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