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Before I found this site I lacked motivation on low carb, thx all!!!!

I just wanted to say that I would buy a bag of milky way minatures thinking I could just eat one.....????

NOw I totally stay away from buying anything that I may be tempted to eat more...

like the philly cream cheese turtle bars, I almost bought a box of those cause they are low in carbs....yet who could just eat one?

the same with any of my other candy favorites, I would be too scared to keep them around, I would eat the whole thing????? probably, I dont want to take that chance and ruin everything, I think this is why people drop off, they buy stuff that they use to indulge in and end up getting depressed cuz they could not eat a small amt of it.
The same with pizza...I dont think I could just eat the cheese, I tried that before, yea right, that lasted for one piece, lol

I am more confident now that I have my priorities set, and if anyone else here is like me, you may want to avoid buy those tempting items that you think you can have one little serving of.......

Keep up the great work everyone!!! i luv this
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