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Plan: my own ~ fasting.
Stats: 178/134/110 Female 4ft.11
Progress: 65%


I love tofu also.
I can even eat >cutting a slice.
The only thing is, I do not know how to cook or use it.
But with your help I will.
I also thought to add some to smoothies.
I will go to store next week and buy package.
I found one that I was looking at. It was orangnic and hard firm.
little to o water. Have to look more at it.
I thought to eat more of that in place at times of meat.
Today I also add 1/4 avaco.
that is good fats also.

I have so many health books and diet books and Smoothie books. Plus u can find any thing on net.
I even have the Biggest loser book from way back. I wonder If It will come back on?
The thing the should get into is what and how to cook and eat Plus yes Move that body.
So far doing good with what I'm doing. It is just staying on track. This year has been the worst with up and downs{Slips.
My head plays with me with the scale.
But we all know what to do.Send recipes on tofu and how to.
Eggplant Roll ups sound good.
Also going to try Irish butter. More for husband then me,{For I don;t use butter for me .
Does this Girls. help u stay with it more and when we report? It does me.
Hope would would get more to post but there is New year.
Seems people get going for while in New year. The hard part is staying with it even on ups and Downs.

I feel good and I love That I started{.
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