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Plan: my own ~ fasting.
Stats: 178/134/110 Female 4ft.11
Progress: 65%

On the detox for bath I Use Epsom salt.Two big hands fulls or 3.
You can get plain but they have at Walmart scented{Lavender and others.

. I also and have for over 5.5 years. Organic Turmeric Powder but u can get fresh. I put in soup. 1T.
You should read on it.
On veggie burgers I buy. and I have and love to make own with beans. and If I want hambugars But not much meat I add beans and other veggies, and good.

We buy a lot of our foods Organic.
But I eat pretty much same things. I count cals too. I have

carbs but good carbs and good fats also.
As we age and keep loseing weight. Our cals. should also come down.
On Turmeric ask your Dr. about taking it. great for

Inflammation.But out of you and Lisa, I do not have much weight to lose{In fact I could Stop. But No. I will get to 110 and maybe 115 but 110 is goal.
Just hard this year.
I'm lucky. I'm healthy so far and take no meds.
and i 68{ But do not look it or act it.
As long as we keep going and keep moving scale down and move that body It will pay off in years to come.
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