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Thanks Hallyth!! Great to have company along the way. And also to share knowledge on who sells what that is good for our chosen WOE. Alas we don't have Morrisons over here, or Aldi, just dear mr Tesco or Lidls (as mentioned). I've just realised that I hoyed the remains of the lamb leg in the food recycle container and had meant to keep it for making a broth... oh well, next time! Ah, my fellow comfort eater.. its a bummer isn't it. I think we can blame the cortisol/stress for throwing us off. Can't remember all the science of it but I believe that being under stress releases cortisol which in turn makes us crave fat and sugar and if, like me, you have a sugar addiction, then that sends you on a downward spiral like a shot pigeon. Pretty much how it works. As a seasoned long term yo yo dieter I have a head full of useless info but no results to show for it. Will be good having a travelling companion. Will have a look at paleo to see how that works too. Am comfortable enough with keto/lc but will be adding IF as well along the way to help things along. Really HATE taking blood pressure meds so that it part of the goal - get rid of them asap.
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