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I too am menopausal. Forced into it before the usual age.

Needed game changers to control or lose. IF, like 23/1 made a difference. Now using 36 hrs, as Im sick and tired of this weight Im dragging around. Dr Fung to the rescue. I was sjeptical of his approach.....and eventual read enough from other sources to support Dr Fungs approach.

TRE is well understood, and by taking the same fiid but decreasing the eating window, the body clears the food and has more time in a no-food mode.

I did have HRT, but as doctors changed, it was reduced and finally taken away. Found a new guy that us supportive, even supports thyriod meds!!
Plan to ask for that one, as I told doc I would really like to have testosterone over thyriod meds and ge helped make that happen. So Im pretty sure he is ok with thyriod meds.

Funny, Im not afraid of not getting enough protein on fasting days. Muscle is protected, body goes after other cells to clean up and reuse. How cool!!!
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