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Hey all, I too have been stressing over my 93 year old mother. She is currently in an assisted living facility and wants to be back home, which is no longer possible for her given her condition and dementia. I have total responsibility for her, her finances, and am now working on trying to hire a company for an estate sale for her home of 65 years - which is full of stuff....then I have to sell the house. This has been my responsibility for the past several years, as both of my sisters live far away, and it has made an impact on my health and diet. I was recently diagnosed with COPD which has severely limited what I can do physically. I am trying to get back on my diet.....I have been eating some carbs, but fortunately I have not gained - I have actually lost weight, probably because of the medicine and copd....who knows. I still need to lose about 60-70 pounds to meet my goal so I need to do better.
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