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Originally Posted by myrt4930
Ou live in the Nevada desert huh? I think that would feel hotter than here. The ritudine I have in the cupboard and it's the OTC kind. Someday when feeling bad I'll try it. I got a cataract removed from my left eye last Monday. What a difference it makes as I have almost 20 20 in that eye. Had to pop the lense out of my glasses Friday. I normally wear trifocals. I get the right eye done on the 17th and there'll be a whole new world.
My family farm is just outside Florence, TX and I can tell you it's hotter for me there in the summer. We don't have humidity in the Nevada desert. Still hot, but not dripping.

Re eyes: My eyesight has gotten better over the years, but I have very dry eyes so I do my walking before the sun comes up and shopping very early in the morning.

Take care of you.
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