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Plan: Scharzbein principle
Stats: 187/187/147 Female 166cm
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Location: Tipperary, Ireland

HI Joe

I live in Dublin and have been following The Schwarzbein Principle now for 9 weeks. and 8lbs down!!!

I don't find it too hard to feed myself, as the main ingredients for my woe are easily available ....meat, veg, salads etc.

I am demented looking at labels in Superquinn the point where I am now reading the ingredients on the back of washing powder boxes!!!

I'd love to be able to get the sweeteners they talk about on this site so I could make some desserts!!!!

I buy bournville chocolate and eat 2.3 squares when I need a fix.
But I would kill for a low carb cereal!!! I really miss that.

how are you getting on? and where do you live?

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