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Thank you, Lisa, for your are probably right. I won't know for sure how something like that will affect me until I try it....What I do know is....I have either ruled out or dealt with head-on everything I can think of....Yes, I do have a number of food allergies and sensitivities....but I have not been eating those foods. Yes....I am hypothyroid; I have had my thyroid tested three times in the last few months .... and my medication has been changed...and adjusted that is in control. My schedule is busy, but I manage to get the sleep I need. (I WOULD NOT if I took that lady's advice about eating 7-8 times a day....). Currently the only medication I take is levothyroxine for my thyroid....I took a prescription diuretic for my fluid retention problem, but the doctor said it was okay to wean myself off if I found natural substitutes to work as well. (I wasn't taking it for blood pressure or heart problems; just a type of lymph venous insufficiency mostly in one leg). I use an inhaler for my asthma for emergencies only; supplementation has supported my lungs to the point that I don't need regular meds. Ah yes...and no meds (so far) for my blood sugar..

I took myself through an extensive candida/yeastie bug cleanse for a few months....and now have no symptoms....I am maintaining with probiotics every day. It was when I was doing this cleanse I began losing weight on a regular basis for awhile. That has stopped....

I've been on so many diets in my life....I'm getting tired of the struggle...and it gets harder each I'm determined that this is going to be my last it had better work. I plan on doing this right. the process of "doing it right" I got stuck.
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