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DerBlumers, the only way to find out how you would react to a higher carb day is to give it a try. You can't base how your body will react to it on how someone else's body will react to it. If you try it and your blood sugar shoots up, you have your answer.
There are many reasons for slow weight loss, not all of them related to "starvation mode", especially since you seem to have had difficulty losing right from the beginning.
Have you ruled out possible food allergies/food sensitivities?
Have you had your thyroid tested?
Do you get enough regular sleep?
What types of medications (if any) do you take?

Those are all some things to consider. It sucks to have to struggle to lose weight but on a positive note, this is probably one of the best things you could be doing for many of the problems that you have. Hang in there!
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