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I want to thank those of you who have answered...and given some advice. I have a few things to add....

To Karen D.....I would love to read Dr. Bernstein's book...I will look for it in the library or local bookstore....I'm quite curious, myself.

To Iceman....I am doing EVERYTHING you're already saying.....I haven't had bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, sugars, or even any fruit since last August. I don't eat ham, bacon, or sausage because they kept me from even beginning to lose weight. My diet consists mostly of tuna salads (lettuce + red pepper + green onion + tuna + Drews salad dressing), chicken or fish with broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, etc....seasoned, without a real sauce......and my eggs/limited cheese with a veggie in the morning. I drink more than a gallon of water daily and take numerous supplements. Everything I eat is low GI....I consume 20-25gr carbs daily. Exercise?? I work two jobs....both keep me on my keeps me going up and down stairs and steep inclines during the day....BOTH require some lifting.....on my ONLY day off I do a lot of walking when I can. I don't lack exercise.....
I only asked about the possibility of a planned diversion because I've been so strict for so long....perhaps I might be going into a type of starvation mode...I know my body must think I'm in a fluid starvation mode, because I keep retaining fluid....I'm actually afraid to eat something I shouldn't....because of a blood sugar reaction...and THAT's why I asked.

Dina....What you suggest about alternation is what I am referring to....but I'm afraid that my blood sugar will suffer if I try this. I've been getting conflicting...confusing feedback, and I don't want to do anything if it's going to ruin anything that I've done so far...including getting my blood sugar in order....without insulin or oral meds. I must be terribly metabolically challenged......

I'm seeing someone this afternoon who might have a couple ideas for me....maybe I'll get a chance to report on what she tells me later....

Thanks all!!
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