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Originally Posted by DerBlumers
My question: I recently heard stories of people who have kept their metabolism stimulated by strictly following the diet plan for six days/off the seventh day.

Hello DerBlumers:
I alternate between low carb days and higher carb intake days. Like I'd eat low carb (protein, fat, veggies) for a few days in a row (4 or 5), and then add one day, when I can eat higher carb food, like fruit, some whole grains, legumes in moderation of course, to keep my carbs higher but still under 100-120g. I avoid refined carbs in any form during this day, so no sugary and junky food at all. Just stick to some low GI fruit, legumes and whole grains in moderation in addition to protein and fat. This way I satisfy my carb cravings, which I've acquired since adopting too low carb diet, and see better results with my cardio and weight exercise, in terms of strength and muscle gain. This helps me with fat loss as well, which I'm after, not exactly weight loss per se. I see no changes in my BG during those higher carb days whatsoever. But YMMV. You also may consider to look into CKD, Cyclical Ketogenic Diet my Lyle McDonald. It's a very well written and scientifically explained book but keep in mind that it includes a great amount of exercise, both cardio and weights. In any case, it wound't hurt to shake up your diet and exercise routine. You may be surprised to see that it really makes a difference. At least, it did for me. I anticipate lots of angry responses from other Dr.Bernstein forum members, so it's again, just to answer your question, not to start a war on the Dr.Bernstein site. May be you should post your questions under General Low Carbing forum.
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