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Question Stagnant Type 2 with a Question

Hi...I haven't posted much in this category....mostly because I fit so many categories in this forum, and haven't had a question that might fit this one until now.

I'm a type 2...doing my best to control my blood sugar with diet, exercise, and natural supplementation. In addition, I've also dealt with yeast issues (and am symptom-free presently, due to successful cleanse..), fluid retention (due to a lymph vein insufficiency...mostly in my left leg), allergies/asthma, hypothyroidism, etc....

I've been on Atkins since August, 2003...and have lost only 22 lbs. It took me four weeks to start dropping any weight at all....then I struggled fiercely to lose any more. I'm currently doing 20-25g carbs daily on OWL. I AM TIRED OF STRUGGLING SO HARD!!! I am convinced that my current problem is the ongoing fluid retention coupled with an incredibly sluggish metabolism...apparently my body thinks it's in starvation mode regarding food...and fluid as well.

My question: I recently heard stories of people who have kept their metabolism stimulated by strictly following the diet plan for six days/off the seventh day. I also wonder if some people choose one meal to eat what they want...and then return immediately to the stricter diet. I've also heard about planned "cheats" geared toward holiday eating. COULD SOMETHING LIKE THIS REALLY WORK TO STIMULATE THE METABOLISM? Quite frankly I am SCARED by all this....what about my blood sugar? Wouldn't that be too much of a shock, considering the fact that I haven't done anything like this for such a long time?

Have you tried anything like this? What happened...did it work? How did it affect your blood sugar?

BTW...I posted a question similar to this one in Turtle no answer....

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