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Originally Posted by bluesinger
The lack of controlled human testing is why I believe sharing our personal n=1 experiences are so important. The way any and all you mentioned (GRB5111) react inside my 74+ female body is probably totally different from the way a young male body will react to exactly the same protocols. My data may be useful to women in my age group. Maybe not, since one size doesn't fit all. Too many variables.

Agree that for many us, nothing can replace what we learn through our n=1 experiences. My n=1 experiences are also inspired by research supporting certain approaches. That's how I learned the method to achieve ketosis. Based on my n=1, being in ketosis or burning fat as primary fuel is very good for me. From past experiences of IFs lasting for 4 days, I felt great, energetic, clear-headed. There's no doubt that I reaped the benefits of autophagy, and likely had higher levels of HGH, and BDNF. I'm trying to learn more, and one of the things I'd like to learn is how long does my IF have to be to get benefits from autophagy. Just something else to help with my n=1s. Yes, if I had done this stuff at age 21, I probably would have had a different experience.
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