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Thank you, Janet, as always for the information in a readable excerpt.
Yes, a ‘negative’ CAC is reassuring. This, however, must be set aside against the psychological damage caused by a ‘positive’ CAC scan. At present we are playing a form of psychological Russian Roulette. Half the population walks away reassured, half the population reels away, scared witless.
This matches up with my feeling about a lot of diagnostic testing. This is on my mind today because my sister is having a follow-up ultrasound to investigate a bump in her abdomen that didn't give any information via the CT she already had. The investigating physician is a surgeon with a big practice in laparoscopic surgeries. I suggested "Don't let him cut anything out without getting a second and maybe a third opinion." A surgeon gotta cut, right? Pays for the machines and the building. And maybe the swimming pool.

A few years ago, my PCP insisted I have a CAC. The hospital was having a fifty-dollar special, so, okay. My result was ZERO. But that seems like a lucky break in the light of this article. I never planned to have another one.

I wonder what else they could find NOT WRONG with me that needs to be fixed??
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