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I don't get the impression that statin denialism is the usual stance. More like statin realism--I see most saying that the benefits have been shown in a subpopulation of people with confirmed heart disease, and asking why statins are broadly advocated beyond the group that they've actually been shown to have some benefit to. That is a fair question.

As far as championing a diet at the expense of others--so what? I wouldn't criticize Eric Clapton for going on and on about the blues. What about Classical, or Hip-Hop? People are free to go learn about some other diet.

Compliance is key, everybody says that. What brings compliance? It's not a Vulcan, non-emotional style of thinking. Which wouldn't be useful anyways, because without feelings there's no reason to prefer one outcome over another, anyways. I want somebody who's enthusiastic about a plan to help sell me on it. We have to guard against cognitive bias--but hey, without that bias, why would we prefer our parents or our children? It's not all bad, it can go too far.

As far as fruit being poison--I remember early in my low carb eating, reading Art DeVaney's blog back when it was free and something that people actually read. A lot of talk about fruit in paleo etc. I ended up eating way more fruit than DeVaney advocated, along with low carb food. Atkins plus lots and lots of fruit--blood pressure that had gone from slightly above normal to optimal with low carb eating went back up and beyond, to the highest readings I've had in my life. In my 30s then, 51 now. Aches and pains, weight regain. There might be a fruit-filled diet that I could thrive on, I'm open minded about that. Maybe if I moved to Hawaii and ate their traditional pre-American diet. But there is at least one diet that yes, I'd call adding fruit to it basically toxic.

I might go farther than many people here in thinking that a type I diabetic might sometimes do better on a low fat, high carbohydrate diet than the SAD. Improved insulin sensitivity might greatly improve the numbers of somebody with compromised beta cell function, bringing their insulin requirements down to something that their pancreas can handle. But adding sugary fruit to a diet high in fat, including an otherwise ketogenic-type diet--no. That's unapologetically toxic. Just is.

As far as 'most visible and vocal' goes--I don't know that judging a community by its loudmouths is the way to go.
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