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It is questionable how much you need to lose any weight at 5'4" and 132 lbs, depending on your build. However, the desire to eat low carb to avoid diabetes is a good one. A sound LC diet is a better diet than the Standard American Diet for just about everyone.

Will you be able to start strict training while eating LC? That too is questionable. Most people experience some kind of physical weakness while converting from high carb to low carb. The transition can easily take 4-6 weeks as your body adjusts and during that time you may not have full strength and/or energy. You can reduce those effects by making sure you supplement with salt and keep hydrated as well.

It sounds as if you've not read and adopted a particular book. I would recommend you try either Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution or A New Atkins for A New You, a 2010 update by current doctors Steve PHinney, Eric Westman and Jeff Volek. Both count *net* carbs rather than total carbs which will probably work well for someone as young as you with so little to lose, and both emphasize the need to replace some of your carbs with fat. Assuming you avoid Low Carb Products and concentrate on Real Food, both will give you a well balanced diet, important as you continue to build bone and muscle.

Since you want to add physical activity, I would also read Phinney and Volek's Art and Science of Low Carb Performance, which is specifically geared towards athletes eating low carb.

Good luck!
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