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Default Ferrygirl's Journey to Fabulous Fitness

Recently, I've really been wanting to amp up my fitness. I have a high BF percentage - currently about 33% (I'm 5'7" and about 158 lbs). So, I want to get ripped! Well, not ripped exactly - just less ripply.

I've been exercising regularly for about a year. I started running last September, and in November, I joined a gym. I usually take a few classes a week there and work on a training menu set up for me by the trainers at the gym.

In September, I'm probably going to run in my 1st 5k (eek), so I will be training for that in the next month.

Current strength exercises:
Chest press - 18.5 kg
Seated row - 14 kg
Triceps - 1 kg
Crunch machine - 5.5 kg
Leg machine - 11.5 kg

I'm looking forward to seeing how I improve over time!
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