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I'm pretty new at it, but the 'S' meals only have 10 net carbs total. We eat mostly S meals, but when we are wanting more carbs or we want or feel we need more carbs, I make an E meal. If for some reason we cheat, we can get back on track in three hours. In the last week, I think we have only had two E meals,simply because I don't have them figured out real well. I have to keep my husband happy as well as myself. The E meals allows up to 45 carbs, but a 'scaled back E' meal would only be about 22 carbs (more like a zone meal). I eat them on occasion because it switches things up and helps us lose weight. My goal is to eat at least one E meal a day. I get burned out on S meals and crave some carbs. Being able to eat the carbs makes a big difference to me getting back to the fatty foods I love. Understanding the ideas and concepts are a big help and really will help with success. I went from The Zone to THM. Before The Zone I did Atkins. I too tried Carbohydrate Addict's Diet and I don't think it has the same principles at all. Get the book! Also you could read up on it more on facebook and there is a forum. Google it. Good luck!

You can follow along in my journal if you like...
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