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Originally Posted by GRB5111
This is an excellent observation and important point regarding people and the information to which they have access and interest. We do get into the weeds on this forum, and unlike most, we often fail to realize the initial surprise when one first understands the changes required to achieve health through healthy eating.

I tend to completely lose people on other LC forums I visit when I mention good sources for certain nutrients, or various other qualities of certain types or combinations of foods. More often than not, if they're concerned about the nutrition stats at all, it's only the carb count of whatever food they can make to replace the carby things they miss.

Don't get me wrong - our LC subs for carby foods serve a purpose, and make it far easier to stay on plan, especially when faced with... say for instance a table full of carby Thanksgiving fare, when the only LC friendly foods available would be some turkey, and maybe some crudities. I fully intend to take some mashed cauli, xanthan thickened gravy, oopsie stuffing, and pumpkin bake with me when we travel 2 states away for Thanksgiving.

By the way, I just noticed how far this thread has drifted from the original topic: "Chocolate cookies are like cocaine"
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