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Default I can't lose weight

I am 77 years old. I've been active my whole life but fight IMPAIRED GLUCOSE TOLERANCE. I can get it back to normal if I eat a low carb diet but I cannot lose the 10#'s I'm put on during this pandemic. It's so frustrating. I will lose a few # which I am sure is water weight and then the scale will not more any lower.

I had a set back in Jan. when I broke my pelvis in a fall. I was in a wheel chair, then walker and now healed enough I am up walking. I got my Fitbit charge and back on....yesterday I walked around the house and out in front of my house for a total of 3,542 steps. Pretty proud of myself for that. I'm determined to get back to walking daily.

But this weight will not budge now or even before I had the accident. I was on low carb for a couple of months last fall and didn't lose anything so gave up. My A1c did come back to normal but with sitting for 9 weeks I'm right back to 5.9.
Why can't I lose weight. I eat so little my husband can't understand it. HELP
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