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Default Type 2 & getting old

I'll be 68 tomorrow & earlier this week my doctor (love her sense of humor!) informed me that I am indeed getting older. This came up partly because I complained that low carb & Metformin didn't seem to be working as well anymore. She said I will likely need to start insulin in the future. Not something I'm looking forward to due to my needle phobia & lack of organization. I know the latter is needed to keep from over or under dosing insulin.

My Metformin can be increased to 2000 mg (I'm taking 1500 now) before caving in to my ailing pancreas, so I've got some time to learn more about getting old with T2.

Anyone have any links or books to suggest? I do have Dr. B's book, but we're in the middle of remodeling & it disappeared into a box somewhere.

Thanks in advance!
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