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Thanks for posting this! I'm so happy to see the ADA come around. Some years ago I took free classes for low income senior diabetics. I did learn things from the classes by a pharmacist, a physical therapy person, & a doctor who explained - in graphic detail & with pictures - the side-effects of uncontrolled diabetes, but the dietary advice was awful - as were the high carb lunches provided. I ate the inside of the sandwiches (meat, cheese, lettuce), took the (white!) bread home for the chickens, & skipped the fruit.

If they offer the classes again, it would be interesting to join just to see if the new advice has trickled down to the nutritionists.

I know that at least 1 person in that class - who would probably have benefited from a good lc diet - has died as a result of his uncontrolled t2 diabetes.
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