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You are posting these numbers in your journal too, and Thud is giving you good advice to not fast a set time but eat when hungry, eat the food you usually have while baselining..only one more day. You can put your DDF numbers in your journal if you wish, but the DDF program is nothing like CAD. By Posting these numbers on the DDF challenge thread I linked above, they would be seen by more people who have experience with the program and you will get more support and answers to your questions.

The generally accepted fasting and post meal BG readings for diabetes are in the DDF manual you can download free in this overview article:
Also in this article: Part 3.6

For these two days you have not been eating low carb….Reducing carbohydrates in your diet is the most helpful way to stabilise insulin and blood glucose. However, if you have excessive body fat, both your fasting insulin and your total insulin levels across the day will be elevated (regardless of whether you prefer a low carb or high carb diet). Based on your height, your ideal weight is 130 and so you might aim to start increasing protein to 130 grams. Don’t try to jump to that level in one day…but 130 grams of lean protein is what you can slowly work towards to increase your satiety per calorie when you start the DDF program.
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