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Plan: DDF, CAD
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Day two DDF baseline

Waking blood glucose - 147 (even higher?)
Weight - 245.8 (dropped a bit)
Waist - 47 (is this possible? or did I measure wrong yesterday)

only water and black coffee in the am
Fasting from 6pm to 7am- 13 hours (keep fasting til lunch)
Waking blood glucose - 147 (even higher than yesterday?)
2:30pm- pre-lunch bg - 134
2:40pm- BBQ pulled pork on 1/2 bun, 2 slices cheese, juiced lemon,
liquid splenda, pepperoni salad, (tom, onion, pep, cheese, italian dressing)
3pm- LMD, water
4pm- 1 hour after lunch bg - 196
5pm- 2 hour after lunch bg - 155
5:45pm- before dinner bg - 138
6pm- culvers ckn tenders, ranch, fries, diet rt br, sm custard
8pm- 1.5 hours after dinner bg - 177
diet gingerale

I'm really surprised to see these numbers! Could I be diabetic???
Tomorrow I'm gonna do some more testing - keeping lower carb and more protein.

Thanks for the info Janet!
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