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Default Bone Marrow Questions

Just like my post on liverwurst, I'll start out by saying this might get moved. I'm not looking for a recipe, per se, but rather tips from people who roast and eat the marrow from the bones.

I just roasted one squat marrow bone (maybe 3 inches high when stood on end). Salt, pepper, and a sprinkling of dried parsley. Roasted it for 15 minutes. Most of the marrow had melted, but there were still globs of pink solids in there.

Does that mean it's not done? I left it on the counter for 5 minutes while I went online to investigate. Didn't really learn if that's ok or not. So I went back into the kitchen and the pink globs had melted. The bottom of the bone had crusted over, so I used the bone as a sort of carnivore shot glass and drank it down. DELICIOUS! Like warm liquid velvet.

I once had a marrow bone as a side to a steak in a restaurant. It was a long bone, cut through the length. The marrow was definitely cooked (no pink), but not totally liquid, and you could actually scoop out a bit to have with your bite of steak.

I'd love to hear from some of you experienced folks out there on marrow bones. Do you eat them? How do you prepare them? Did I do ok? Did I over-roast them? Can you eat the pink blobs?

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