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Nicco, that is so cool your kid is teaching himself Italian. love kid is trying to learn German on her own. She isn't moving along at good form tho but comes out saying German lines to me and says, guess what I am saying HAHA

Yea the days run into each other....oh boy I know that one. Without something to mark our days I also don't know what day it is alot of times

Lori, hope that message helps your hamstring today! any relief is good relief.

I so get your Sis's kid and not wanting to change but at some point health has to trump over or you set yourself up real bad. Your niece is just like Tony's was pills first and Dr said shots are next and she would not eat right and took shots and now her insides are rotting out literally from the sugar troubles. All the days of her life becoming more miserable as her blood sugar spirals out of control making her feel awful and sluggish and all and not living that healthy life each day and then now, omg, she has like 15 specialist doctors and lives nothing but is SO NOT worth it. Many tho don't care about 20 yrs down the road if what they are diagnosed with isn't harming them on the spot ya know but oh yea, she will be harmed big time in a shorter time frame than she thinks.....ugh.....I was so sad to read that about her. I sure hope she has a come to Jesus moment but we can't walk another's health path for them, she will have to act and I hope she learns to do just that.

Jaz I do food lion and ingles stores. food lion is all around me and my closest and I do Ingles cause it has some products the other store doesn't have, like my Taylor Ham pork roll product I love. Publix is new in this area and too far of a drive, not worth it to me. No Krogers around here.

Interview, hope it fits you and let us know what goes down.

Hey Blue, waiting on ya to join the new thread

All good in my world.
Pack rv with alot of clothes, gonna do layers like Lori for survival
Pack food in rv. Not bringing much, planning on eating out more for 'them' and I will be sure I have tons of meats for me. Being state parks and usually in the middle of nowhere type camping and also being covid crap, I never rely on restaurants anymore for me. I take care of my own food and believe me I am packing alot for me LOL The carby people can always find something to eat out there at some point, I am so extremely selective it is easier for me to take my chow....omg I love my full kitchen rv

just a small busy type day here, usual kinda thing. I did get 4 sets of battery operated lights for the golf cart....yes bringing it for this short trip cause kid loves to drive around with me in it and she drives so she gets good practice but we are gonna light that thing up wtih xmas lights....LOL....I got 2 strands of xmas lights for the awning to zip that up and gonna put 1 strand of xmas lights in the camper for some effect. I will try to take a pic of the golf cart nearing dark and post it for you guys HAHA this campground isn't all that big but enough sites that 'cruising just before dark all decked' out will be something the kid will love to do.

over and out and be good
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