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Everyone is different about what motivates them, too.

I like having tons of mini-goals, collecting lots of data, etc. I made a commitment to myself when I re-focused in January to keep tweaking what I was doing until I was steadily losing 12 lbs./week. I've played around with how many carbs I eat every day, calories, fasting, and exercise. It's taken all of those things to keep me on track with the 12 lbs. per week.

It's important to keep repeating to yourself that weight loss isn't linear. I remind myself that at some point I could hit a bit flat stall. It's common. Overall, I've averaged about 1-1/2 lbs. per week since January. Some weeks I've gone up. Some weeks my weight has stayed the same and my measurements have dropped. Some weeks my measurements go up. But there's usually some small victory every week (weight, measurements, BF%, clothes fit, physical fitness) and I celebrate that. I also reward myself with something nice every time I hit a mini-goal, take pictures and add to a little pennant banner I'm making.

Obviously, I'm the kind of person that needs lots of motivation and constant reminders to stay on track and meet my goals. There's no way I would be successful if I followed Thud's advice to "put all expectations aside, do it for a year then see where you're at." For some people, all this focus would make them crazy and what makes them be able to stick to low-carb is to just let what happens happen. Knowing yourself and what will help you stick to plan is the most important thing.
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