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Plan: my own ~ fasting.
Stats: 178/134/110 Female 4ft.11
Progress: 65%

Lisa, you will get to can and are doing very well.
It does seem that we all like that sacle to move down[For we feel like we are doing it and we are.
I do not eat bread or rice and stuff like that . I do like veggie bugars and keep in house. I like in salads also and I eat 1/2 c. beans also.and low sugar fruits.
I think when I do go over it is in highier cals and I do like deserts and I like junk. But I don not have in house and I just have to keep going. I worked so hard and stayed go good with few slips but this year is the worst.
My meats are grilled chicken breast 4oz. when I have or at time when I want a bugar i will get and get bean bugars too and have wraped in letuce wraps.
I may try that coffe with protien poweder but i have vanilla.
I Also like tuna at time but I do not put mayo in unless it is a 1t. for 100 cals.
I eat veggies and greens.
But I'm older and I think I have to fight harder then u both.
Today I walked 3 miles and jogged[Non. stop 1 mile.
I'm going to just have to hit hard next 2 weeks. and keep watching.
All we can do is keep it up.
It is hard.
But We have come a long way and the first step was the hardest and we took it.
I'm glad we have each other and it helps so much.
There was some one else here did she leave?. I hope she comes back and stays with us.
We are all nice.ha
Thanks girls so much for help and tips and just because.
also I really have not that much to lose. Just I have goal and that is to weigh 110lbs. and take it from there. But first get there.
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